Christmas charity campaign is gaining it speed in Kaunas: over 15000 euros already donated by benefactors

Charity campaign in Kaunas which started few days ago already collected over 15000 euros from different donators for the kids with disabilities who are participating in sports activities.

All donations collected during the charity campaign will be given to talented children and teenagers with disabilities. All donations will be used to acquire insulin pumps, sports inventor, orthosis, special footwear, hearing aid and other important tools. Over 30 children and teenagers are waiting for donations.

“Growth of a kid with special needs creates different challenges every day, it also gives unforgivable discoveries and limitless love moments. Sometimes it is enough, that few small things would make daily routine easier and it lets to discover, to know and understand this, not always friendly, world”, – mother with a disable kid which seeks for donation is saying.

Charity campaign ambassadors – swimmer Rūta Meilutytė, artist Jolanta Šmidtienė and psychologist Dovilė Bubnienė are inviting everybody to donate for the people which need special help.

“Generosity is one of the most generous human qualities. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, people with harder daily routines, because of variety of reasons, needs our help”, – creator of Kaunas Christmas tree, artist J. Šmidtienė.

Concern SBA, company „Tamro“, shopping center Akropolis, company “SG dujos”, “Kauno spauda”, advocates professional company “Jankauskas and partners” joined charity campaign with their donations towards it.

On December 27th, at Kaunas City Hall, Christmas charity evening will culminate whole charity campaign. Donations can be provided by both, natural persons or companies. Visvaldas Matijošaitis, Mayor of Kaunas City is the patron of this charity campaign. For more information check – www.kaunas.lt/kaledinis-labdaros-vakaras