A revolutionary decision in the public transport in Kaunas

The city of Kaunas explores new paths in the field of public transportation. The passengers of the express buses in Kaunas will be able to use an electronic ticket. The monthly tickets allow higher amounts of savings than the individual ticket. Also, it is important to note that you will be able to exchange your seat for a seat in a different bus without any additional charges.

The possibility of exchanging seats

Passengers that use the single ticket for the journey will be able to exchange their seats for ones in a different bus during the first 30 minutes of their journey. For example, if the passenger rides the trolleybus and he wishes to continue his trip in an express bus, the price of the trip is still only 1 euro. The only mandatory thing is that each time you exchange seats it is necessary to scan your electronic ticket.

The costs are cheaper

Exchanging seats during the first 30 minutes of the trip once will not cost any additional fees. Also, it does not matter whether you travel by bus, express bus or trolleybus, because the system applies for them equally. These innovations will allow the residents of Kaunas to travel more comfortably and without spending as much. Passengers that buy the ticket from the driver cannot use these opportunities. Also, they will be able to purchase monthly tickets for the express bus, which was not possible before. It is important to note that it will be possible to view the time of arrival of express buses on the display boards in bus stops at real time.

A rise in customer numbers is expected

The system of development for electronic tickets is implemented by UAB “Kauno autobusai”. The manager of the company, Mindaugas Grigelis, recognizes that they are responsible for the integrity of the system and its continued use.

These innovations not only strengthen the public transportation system of Kaunas, but they also improve its appeal, providing the service of a higher quality. Hopefully, the capabilities of the new system will simplify the trips for those who rarely use public transportation in Kaunas.