A historical visit by the Prime- Minister of Japan in Kaunas

The Prime-Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe came to Kaunas for the first time in history. He visited he house of Chiune Sugihara who rescued Jews from the Nazi during the Second World War.

On Sunday morning, the leader of one of the most powerful economies was greeted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius, the Mayor of Kaunas Visvaldas Matijošaitis, the Deputy-Mayor Simas Kairys and several dozens of the students of Kaunas who gave the guest the bands of Cranes made in Origami style.

The Prime-Minister, signed in the book of guests of honour and had a look at the exposition in the house located in Žaliakalnis neighbourhood, where the Japanese consulate was established during the years 1939-1940. The museum of Sugihara is open since the year 2000 and it was established by the foundation “Diplomatai už gyvybę” (“Diplomats for Life”). Last year, more than 17 thousand tourists from Japan visited the museum.

According to Shinzo Abe, the brave and humanitarian actions of Chiune Sugihara teach us how to survive in the contemporary world, where the principals of lawful countries and international laws face various challenges.

In 2015, an international screening of the movie about Chiune Sugihara called “Persona Non Grata” took place in the city of Kaunas. In Japan, this movie, majority of which was filmed in Kaunas, broke the view records and in the movies of Japan it was in the second place by national popularity.

Last year, in the biggest exhibition of tourism in Japan called JATA EXPO Kaunas was awarded for the Sugihara’s route map in the Japanese language as the best product of tourism in the category of regions. In the route of Sugihara, 19 objects related to the famous diplomat and Japan are marked (Sugihara’s house, Metropolis hotel, the Railway station and etc.)

Information of the Public relations department