150 Modern E-bikes Have Arrived in Kaunas: They Will Work on the Principle of Scooters Rental

Kaunas City Municipality together with “Bolt“, Europe’s leading transport services platform, on Tuesday presented the city’s new electric bicycles in Kaunas Freedom Avenue. The service starts with 150 completely new bicycles, and with higher demand, the number of e-bikes could increase.

The temporary capital has become the first and only Lithuanian city whose residents will try out the modern design and technologically advanced “Bolt” electric bike that is presented in 17 European countries this year.

“I am sure that Kaunas, along with other European cities, was chosen not by chance for the delivery of such a service. We promote bicycle culture not with words, but with real works: the project “Like Bike” continues, the infrastructure for cyclists is expanded. The network of bicycle paths already stretches for more than 110 kilometers. Electric bicycles are especially useful for our city, because when traveling from the center, many have to overcome quite steep hills. We strive to make this eco-friendly transport not only an attribute of leisure, but also a safe and convenient means of daily communication. This is especially consistent with the green course chosen by Kaunas and the ideas of sustainable mobility,” said Andrius Palionis, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas.

According to “Bolt” representatives, the goal of the platform is to offer the modern city resident as many alternatives as possible, which would allow to forget your own car. New e-bikes in Kaunas will cost the same as scooters.

“The e-scooters that rolled onto the streets of Kaunas two and a half years ago do not lose their popularity, because they have occupied an important niche in the life of a constantly moving Kaunas resident. However, scooters are created and ideal for the shortest trips in the city, and an electric bike can effectively travel 5 or more kilometers,” says Eimantas Balta, “Bolt” Head of Sharing Services development for the Baltic States.

According to him, the new bicycle could be as good as the car both from a technical and comfort point of view. The cyclist is saved during the trip by a smart dashboard that tracks speed, battery-charging level, and warns about the speed restrictions applied in the city. The advanced GPS system helps the cyclist to find the best route, and the phone charger integrated in the steering structure which would help to avoid being without a connection.

The creators of the bike emphasize special attention that was paid to safety, for example: the maximum speed does not exceed 25 km/h; durable pneumatic tires provide good adhesion to the coating; ‘effective braking’ with both wheels with drum brakes; the rear wheel wing, which reliably protects against poor weather conditions and is supported by bright lights during the dark hours of the day.

It is expected that e-bikes in Kaunas will be used as actively as “Bolt” scooters, but even in the case of such intensive operation, the new bike is designed for a 5-year life cycle. In addition, its frame is made of 100% recyclable aluminum, and the integrated battery can be replaced. This means that the maintenance team will not have to load the bikes to the warehouse every time, which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and allows you to maintain an attractive price for the service.

About “Bolt”

Bolt is the first European super-app, with the mission to make urban mobility more affordable, safe and sustainable. “Bolt” services are currently used by more than 100 million customers in 45 countries, also used in more than 400 cities in Europe and Africa. The list of services provided by the company includes transportation, car and electric scooter sharing services that improve micro-mobility, home food and food delivery. The company operates under a Green Plan and is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its cars, additionally offering environmentally friendly service alternatives. “Bolt” services are provided in up to 23 Lithuanian cities.

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