Neries Krantinė Park Has Been Decorated With a New Accent: “Cloud Containers” Reaching Into the Sky.

New captivating addition to the landscape has been unveiled at Neries Krantinė Park in Vilijampolė  – the “Cloud Containers” sculptures, an artistic creation by Algimantas Šlapikas.

These impressive 5-6 meter tall structures serve as visual metaphors, representing the accumulation of wealth and engaging with themes of ecology and sustainability. The sculptures at the revitalized park, attract not just for passing glances but also invite viewers to pause beneath them, encouraging contemplation while looking at the clouds.

Šlapikas drew inspiration for the title from the “Google Cloud” platform, and the design intricacies are reminiscent of the iconic “Window 95” logo, adding a touch of modernity to the natural setting. Placed thoughtfully in Neries Krantinė Park, the sculptures seamlessly blend with the environment. The elevated and narrow components, resembling ‘legs,’ harmonize with the surroundings, while the broader sculpture section, rising above the tree canopies, creates a whimsical treehouse effect.

“Cloud Containers” complemented the rich display of artworks in the open air. “Kaunas Akcentai” is an initiative that has been active since 2017. Artists are invited and financially encouraged to propose ideas, to decorate the city’s public spaces with sculptures, design objects, light installations and street paintings.

For more information akcentai.kaunas.lt