Lighthearted Christmas in Kaunas: Infusing the city with festive cheer and igniting hope

This year, the city invites you to immerse yourself in the festive spirit and have a ‘Light-hearted Christmas in Kaunas.’ The concept of the holiday season emphasizes human connections – cosy gatherings with loved ones, attention to those who need it most – the human miracle that we can gift to our nearest and dearest.


Surprises and educations

Kaunas Town Hall square is hosting a multitude of entertainment and surprises until January 6. In the Old Town an orienteering game can be played and delightful surprises await discovery on public transportation throughout Kaunas City. This initiative encourages locals to leave their personal vehicles at home during the Christmas season, allowing them to truly feel the city. The Christmas Town promises to enchant the youngest Kaunas residents, offering a rich array of educational activities. From Thursday to Sunday, children can indulge in activities like baking gingerbread cookies, crafting Christmas toys, and enjoying the festive spirit.

There will be numerous social initiatives – this year, Kaunas invites to get acquainted with the activities of non-governmental organizations.

Christmas carols in the city

Christmas carols will fill the air near The Kaunas Town Hall, for three evenings leading up to Christmas Eve. They will be performed not only by professional choirs but also by children. We invite everyone to join and sing together – to await the magic of Christmas in a light, cosy, and camaraderie-filled atmosphere.


Just like last year, the Christmas Mail will operate at full capacity – residents of Kaunas and city guests will be able to send festive greetings filled with good wishes, free of charge, to their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances all throughout Lithuania.”

The Kaunas City Municipality invites everyone to welcome the New Year 2024 at a celebration-taking place on The Town Hall Square, where attendees can enjoy festivities without fireworks. More information: https://kaledos.kaunas.lt/