Kaunas invites to St. John’s day in Santaka: festive program of ethnostyle and concert by popular performers

The shortest night of the year and the search for a fern flower are just around the corner. St. John’s Day celebration in Kaunas, in the newly revived Santaka Park – on the evening of Thursday (June 23rd). Traditional ceremonies, wreath-rafting, pottery workshops and other entertainment awaits people named Jonas, Janina and all Kaunas residents. The open-air festival will offer performances by groups “Rondo” and “Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys”.

“The reborn Santaka Park is a great place for celebrations and gatherings, so we will celebrate St. John’s Day here. We invite all Kaunas residents to enjoy the warmth of summer and the greenery of the city where the two largest rivers of Lithuania confluence together. It is no secret that during the St. John’s Day the skies strike various surprises, but good company is more important than good weather. Let the shortest night of the year be full of the best emotions and long-lasting memories,” – said Mantas Jurgutis, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas.

Symbols will remind you of the solstice

Entertainment and activities prepared for the participants of the festival will start at 6.30 pm. Kaunas County Public Library will help to create postcards with colorful plant stamps. Kaunas School of Applied Arts will offer to make dolls from yarn, which will become a cozy souvenir of St. John’s Day.

The textile studio “Gijų sodai” of Kaunas Culture Center will invite you to construct magical glass lanterns. Those who wish, will be able to make two-color or three-color bracelets from pure leather, using ancient techniques and traditional tools. Also pendants made of metal with mottled Baltic symbols typical for the celebration of the solstice.

There will be a pottery workshop in the educational space. Here you can get acquainted with clay and its properties, ceramics and making of pots and antique dishes.

Between Neris and Nemunas

One of the most important attributes of the holiday is the wreath. Professional florists will help you to weave them out of wild flowers and herbs. They will talk about the most important properties of St. John’s bouquet or wreath flowers – chamomile, cornflowers, clover, St. John’s wort and other plants – as well as their symbolic meanings.

Participants of the festival will be able to launch their woven wreaths into the rivers Nemunas or Neris flowing here. The organizers promise that there will be enough of herbs and flowers for everyone.

Singing and dancing together

There will be no music in the park, which will invite not only to sing together, but also to have fun. The main highlight of the evening will be the concert “Kaunas celebrates St. John’s Day”. It starts at 7.30 pm. Paulina Paukštaitytė, a participant of The Voice of Lithuania, will perform on the stage, as well as the long-live Lithuanian pop kings – the group “Rondo” and the energetic “Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys”, who will not leave anyone indifferent.

The introduction to the festive night will be announced by the folklore ensemble “Gadula” of Kaunas Culture Center, the group of folk-multipart singers “Sasutalas”, and the capella performers of the Vandžiogala leisure hall of Kaunas District Babtai Culture Center.

Lithuanian summer is unpredictable, so spectators are invited not to forget raincoats and umbrellas, and bring blankets or chairs for a comfortable and long evening.


Source: Public Relations Information