The New Panemunės Bridge

  • The bridge has joined Šančiai and Panemunė again after a three-year break.
  • The new bridge is of 4 traffic lanes with a running part of 14 meters width. The bridge length is 273.23 meters.
  • Reconstruction works of Tilto Street were finished together with the bridge opening. Covering of Vaidoto Street which leads traffic to Panemunė was also renewed.
  • Value of investments was EUR 27 million.

panemunės tiltas

What a joy and excitement to pay tribute to Kaunas, brother of Grenoble, for a second time. How much have been done in the last few years! Long and happy life to our cooperation, which will contribute to our mutual future in Europe! I am expressing my deep friendship in the name of all delegation of Grenoble city. 08/09/02

Michel Destot Mayor of Grenoble City


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