Cleaning and Development of the Nemunas Island Channel (Crease) in Kaunas City

One of the most valuable environmental and recreational areas in the city centre, the Nemunas Island channel (crease), was developed within the framework of the project. Now not only city residents but also guests may enjoy it. The fact that Žalgiris Arena, one of the most attractive objects for citizens and city guests, is on the Nemunas Island is of particular significance. From now on opportunities and potential of this unique location in Kaunas city will be used fully in this way contributing to increase of the Nemunas Island attractiveness and Kaunas city image improvement.

7 Nemuno salos kanalo išvalymas2

Thank you for this warm reception. Friendship between both our countries is strong and today I am here to make it even stronger. Good luck to your city and country in Europe and with France. 21/08/96

René Monory Chairman of the French Senate


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