Reconstruction of Kaunas Sports Hall

  • During reconstruction Kaunas Sports Hall will become a multifunctional center where will be held not only sports events but also concerts, conferences, exhibitions and congresses
  • Kaunas Sports Hall will become a part of multifunctional sports and leisure complex. S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium will be renovated also Valley of Songs will be renewed and New Track and Field Arena will be built
  • According to preliminary calculations the cost will be about 7 million euros. The work will be financed by EU, the state and Kaunas city municipality funds


What a joy and excitement to pay tribute to Kaunas, brother of Grenoble, for a second time. How much have been done in the last few years! Long and happy life to our cooperation, which will contribute to our mutual future in Europe! I am expressing my deep friendship in the name of all delegation of Grenoble city. 08/09/02

Michel Destot Mayor of Grenoble City


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