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Kaunas full of culture
Kaunas full of culture

Monthly publication of an interesting facts, people and events in Kaunas. A free publications available at the following distribution sites:



It's Kaunastic

Kaunas city map: the information about attractions and places of initiatives (from street food to museums and memory places), nice illustrations and attractive design. The English version of the map, It’s Kaunastic is available at tourist information centers and other tourist attractions.



Contemporary Kaunas

The broshure includes list of main sights in Kaunas and it‘s surrounding area and some essential informtion: how to spend free time, routes to travel and etc.

Published: 2016

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Hansa Kaunas

The broshure includes information about the Hanseatic period in Kaunas: history, interesting facts, urban life, map with related objects, travel deals. The publication is part of implementation of the project “HANSATOUR, the aim of the project is to promote international tourism in Hanseatic cities.

Published: 2016

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Kaunas Map

The Kaunas City tourist map shows the Old Town and  the central part of the city. It includes  list of main sights and some essential informtion: where to stay, how to spend your free time, what to taste, what to bring home.

Published: 2014

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Kaunas in 3 days

The broshure includes three routes for three days with the main sights to visit. All sights are marked on Kaunas city map

Published: 2012, 2013, 2014

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Host your conference in Kaunas
Host you conference

Meeting Planner‘s Guide for Kaunas includes: convention hotels, meeting venues, technical data sheets, professional services suppliers and main city facts. Compiled for professional meeting organisers and event planners, the Guide is a must-have resource for anyone considering planning a meeting in Kaunas.

Published: 2015

Kaunas Reservoir Fisherman's guide
Fisherman's guide

The broshure designed for fishermen. It provides basic information about fishing: information about Kaunas Reservoir, fishing rules, issue of amateur fisherman’s ticketfishing supply stores and information about the main tourist attractions next to Kaunas Reservoir.

Published: 2015

Cycling Map. Kaunas
cycling map

The map contains  information about existing and planned cycle routes and trails in Kaunas. The publication contains the essential safety information for cyclists.

Published: 2015

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Kaunas. Trip Guide

Publication in Japanese language includes list of main sights, gives brief description about the history of Kaunas and tourist map of the central part of the city.

Published: 2015

Colour Kaunas interwar
colour kaunas interwar pic

Coloring book presents a unique inter-war modernist architecture in Kaunas. In 2015, Kaunas, famous for its interwar modernism architecture, received the European Heritage Label. It represents today the outstanding heritage of a flourishing golden period when the city of Kaunas was the temporary capital of Lithuania. Europe starts in Kaunas of 1919-1940!

Published: 2015

Kaunas architecture for tourists
Kaunas architecture_cover

The broshure includes information about different architectural styles prevailing in Kaunas.

Published: 2010

Les Traces Francophones a Kaunas
Les traces viršelis

This publication presents objects and historical events related to France and French in Kaunas.  Main sights marked on the map.

Published: 2012

Let's explore Jewish history and heritage in Lithuania
pažinkime zudu_viršelis

One goal of this publication is to contribute to the spread of the unique cultural and historical heritage of Lithuanian Jews, along with the cultivation of mutual respect for the cultures of national minorities, and the spread of ideas related to tolerance.

Published: 2014


May Kaunas City always remain the symbol of Lithuanian strength. 07/03/98

Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


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