Changes continue in Vytautas street: old trees will be replaced by new ones

Reconstruction continues on Vytautas street – one of the main arteries in the centre of Kaunas. This week workers will start to cut down the trees. Instead of old linden trees, which were damaged by various diseases, new ones will be planted this autumn.

All old linden trees will be replaced by new ones. It will be done this autumn, when reconstruction of sidewalks and trolleybus supports will be finished.

“Before starting we asked for help from experts of VMU Botanical gardening. After completing condition analysis of growing trees in Vytautas street, they have come to a conclusion that it is worth to replace old linden trees with new ones. Soon after cutting the trees, Vytautas street will look empty. But we want to calm Kaunas citizens, because all the trees will be replanted in autumn, when road builders will finish working”- said Radeta Savickienė, Head of Environment Department of Kaunas City Municipality.

Majority of these trees are too old and damaged by various diseases. In future they can cause danger for pedestrians and for other road users. To avoid unnecessary risk it was decided to replace all the old trees in this busy street.

“We are reconstructing Vytautas street handling both – street and sidewalks – installing new trolleybus contact network, constructing new lights”- said Aloyzas Pakalniškis, Head of City Management Department. “Now it is time for greenery. First of all we will start cutting, after this we will start reconstruction of sidewalks, which will have prepared spaces for new trees and they will be planted in autumn.”

Moreover, according to A. Pakalniškis, some trees will grow in new places that do not block traffic signs, traffic lights and do not interfere with trolley line poles and would provide good visibility at crossings.

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Thank you for this warm reception. Friendship between both our countries is strong and today I am here to make it even stronger. Good luck to your city and country in Europe and with France. 21/08/96

René Monory Chairman of the French Senate


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