New Track and Field Arena

  • New Track and Field Arena will be built next to S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium and Kaunas Sports Hall
  • This Arena will accommodate about 1 thousand people
  • There could be the highest level indoors athletics competitions
  • This Arena will cost up to 9,5 million euros according to preliminary calculations
  • The work will be financed by EU, the state and Kaunas city municipality funds
  • This arena will be a part of sports and leisure complex. S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium will be renovated also Valley of Songs will be renewed.


May Kaunas City always remain the symbol of Lithuanian strength. 07/03/98

Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


1920x1080-MEDIATRAFIC-FRANKOFONIJA-990x557 The Month of Francophonie


Skandi_KaunasLT_Naujiena_1874x1054 (2) Scandinavian Days in Kaunas 1st-7th April


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