• Japan Tourism Awards appraised Kaunas city

    The third Japan Tourism Award organized by the Japan Travel Organizers Association (JATA) for the first time mentioned the name of Kaunas city. The Japan’s largest exposition centre “Tokyo Big Sight” held an award ceremony which was dedicated to the original map, presenting the memory of diplomat Chiune Sugihara in Kaunas. “It‘s Kaunastic”, a map[…]

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    On 18th of September Kaunas city will become a little China for a day. The travelling exposition of business and culture “Sail of Shangai”, which presents more than 60 companies from the biggest city of China – Shanghai, is coming to Kaunas. Everyone is welcome to visit this open event. The exhibition will take place[…]

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  • A Team of Foreigners Took on an Important Mission in Kaunas

    A group of foreign students who are volunteers staying in Kaunas is continuing work started by the city of Kaunas in the old Jewish cemetery of Žaliakalnis. Twenty five young men and women from Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and the Netherlands are continuing to document thousands of graves alongside their like-minded Lithuanian counterparts. This will help[…]

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To the most beautiful city of the world - Kaunas City and to the sweet citizens. I wish you the "highest" regards from the highest peaks of all continents. 02/12/98

Lithuanian mountaineer Vladas Vitkauskas


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