• The Month of Francophonie returns to Kaunas

    March for Kaunas city citizens traditionally gives possibility to feel culture of francophonical countries. Francophonie unites countries and regions, in which the main language is French. Kaunas city citizens will have possibility to closely feel France, Canada, Greece and other francophonical countries 2nd-27th of March. More than 20 events – starting from music, poetry, movies,[…]

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  • V. Matijošaitis: „Non-governamental organizations – an important part of the team“

    Kaunas cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and perspectives of this partnership – these are the topics recently discussed in a conference called „ Modern model of public services: a case of Kaunas NGOs“.  During the conference representatives of NGOs sector were introduced to the most recent innovations in their sphere, presented their implemented projects and[…]

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  • Kaunas culture will ‘debut’ in Vilnius book fair

    Illustrated route in Kaunas series ‘It’s Kaunastic’ was supplemented by a new map. ‘Culture shock’ – it is more than 100 city cultural institutions, museums, galleries, music clubs, unexpected souvenirs offering shops and other places. Route ‘Culture shock’ was prepared by city business development, tourism development and international marketing agency ‘Kaunas IN’ with Kaunas artists[…]

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May Kaunas City always remain the symbol of Lithuanian strength. 07/03/98

Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


1920x1080-MEDIATRAFIC-FRANKOFONIJA-990x557 The Month of Francophonie


Skandi_KaunasLT_Naujiena_1874x1054 (2) Scandinavian Days in Kaunas 1st-7th April


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