• The new accent of Kaunas tells the unique story of Vilnius street

    Kaunas Old Town has been decorated with a new artistic element. Sculpture called “Nežiopsok!“ located in Vilnius street tells a unique story. The sculpture in the form of a boy riding a bicycle and a dog chasing him was chosen by Kęstutis Balčiūnas not by chance – the sculptor aimed to humorously represent Kaunas Old[…]

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  • New ice skating rink in Kaunas

    In Žaliakalnis, near ice arena, the new skating rink contours are coming out. Since the closing of shopping and entertainment centre’s “Akropolis” skating rink, the city decided to install another site for winter sport enthusiasts. The skating rink is planned to start working from the middle of January. Kaunas Deputy Mayor Andrius Palionis commented that[…]

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  • The only one in Lithuania: how the Science Museum in Kaunas will look like

    This week, the plan on how will “Science Island” with planetarium, interactive lab, conference halls, workshops and other spaces will look like in the Nemunas Island was introduced. The construction is planned to start at the beginning of 2020. The contest of international architecture vision won Australian and Spanish architects F. Jerez and B. Perez[…]

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May Kaunas City always remain the symbol of Lithuanian strength. 07/03/98

Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


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