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    A unique circuit, a unique race. This is the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic at the Masaryk Circuit. A fifty-year tradition and unusual settings of the racing circuit hidden in the woods attract tens of thousands of fans each year. Thanks to them, Brno has been for a long time the most visited race[…]

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    Ongoing Events Dedicated to Kaunas Interwar Architecture

    By continuing a cycle of events dedicated to the Lithuanian architecture, an exhibition “Modernistic Interiors in Kaunas. Kaunas – the Undiscovered Capital of Modernism in Europe” was opened in the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Berlin which did not only supplement the geography of presentations on Kaunas modernistic architecture, but also disclosed architectural[…]

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    Union of the Baltic Cities: We Support an Endeavour of Kaunas to Become the European Capital of Culture

    A meeting of the Executive Board of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) was held this week. More than two dozens of specialists from ten cities of the Baltic Sea Region discussed issues on refugees, youth unemployment, and public spaces in the city. The guests also expressed support to the endeavour of Kaunas to[…]

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What a joy and excitement to pay tribute to Kaunas, brother of Grenoble, for a second time. How much have been done in the last few years! Long and happy life to our cooperation, which will contribute to our mutual future in Europe! I am expressing my deep friendship in the name of all delegation of Grenoble city. 08/09/02

Michel Destot Mayor of Grenoble City


festivalis-operete-kauno-pilyje-51d86945065e1-990x557 International festival “Operetta at Kaunas Castle“


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