• A Team of Foreigners Took on an Important Mission in Kaunas

    A group of foreign students who are volunteers staying in Kaunas is continuing work started by the city of Kaunas in the old Jewish cemetery of Žaliakalnis. Twenty five young men and women from Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and the Netherlands are continuing to document thousands of graves alongside their like-minded Lithuanian counterparts. This will help[…]

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  • Good News for Kaunas Cyclists: Bicycles can be Carried in Public Transport for Free

    Kaunas has good news for cyclists. From the beginning of August, the city buses and trolleybuses will carry bicycles for free. Bicycles can be carried by buses and trolleybuses marked with special signs. Inside there are special places for bicycle carriage. In total there are 150 buses and trolleybuses suitable for it. “Sometimes unexpected situations[…]

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  • Winners of Design Competition “Kaunas Highlights” are Announced

    Kaunas City Municipality is organizing the design contest “Kaunas Highlights” for the second year in a row. Recetly, the winners have been announced: out of 22 ideas submitted in the contest only 7 design objects will be integrated into the rhythm of the city and will complement it. This time all artists and creative people[…]

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Thank you for this warm reception. Friendship between both our countries is strong and today I am here to make it even stronger. Good luck to your city and country in Europe and with France. 21/08/96

René Monory Chairman of the French Senate


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